Student Review

Our previous students say…

“Thank you to the whole team. Patient, helpful and really welcoming.”
Angela Taylor (16 Days 2015)

“I would highly recommend Look North. Confidence building and clear build up of skills. Great attitude to animal welfare and handling.”
Sarah Harrison (16 Days 2015)

“Thank you all for your help. It was an enjoyable experience and everyone was so friendly :)”
Ellen Clayton ( 24 Days 2015)

“Learning in an environment surrounded by tutors at the top of their game is fantastic. Having an absolute blast while you do it is priceless. Can I come and do it again? I’ll bring biscuits!”
Laura Reynolds (24 Days 2014)

“Fantastic course. Everyone has been so professional, friendly, supportive, informative, understanding and encouraging. I’ve learned so much and really enjoyed myself too. Thank you.”
Claire Fisher (24 Days 2014)

“A huge thank you for everyone’s encouragement and support. You are all lovely and helpful. I would recommend you to anyone.”
Vanessa Mason (24 Days 2014)

“The course fulfilled my aim to be able to set up in business. The staff and learning environment could not have been more friendly and supportive.”
Liz Lawson (24 Days 2014)

“Loved every minute of the course and gained skills I didn’t think were possible. Thank you Look North.”
Karon Stringfellow (24 Day Course 2013)

“I received excellent training. Zoe is a very patient tutor and explains techniques clearly and moves the training on at a pace that suits us. I would recommend Look North to any budding dog groomer.”
Alex Longman (24 Day Course 2013)

“Thank you very much to all the staff at Look North. I felt very much at home and the teaching was brilliant.”
Rachel Haslam (24 Day Course 2013)

“Thank you all so much. I enjoyed my time at Look North and was sad to leave. I have learned so much and it has helped me change my job and effectively change my life. I can’t thank you enough and will recommend you to everyone. You are all fantastic.”
Sam Bryson (24 Day Course 2013)

“Look North has a friendly, family atmosphere which makes training and learning relaxed and easy. The supportive and encouraging staff make you feel that you can accomplish anything and they equip you with the tools and knowledge to do it. Thank you.”
Lorna Wilson (12 Days 2012)

“It was lovely to work with such a great team. I got loads of encouragement all the time.”
Monika Winstanley ( 24 Day Course 2012)

“Thanks to all of you for your help and support. I feel I have been taught well and now need to practice what I have learned. Knowing you are still there to help me when I need it has given me the confidence I need”
Fiona Gillies (24 Day Course 2012)

“It was hard work and intense but I loved every minute and learned so much. Thank you!”
Michael Falding (24 Day Course 2012)

“Every member of staff was friendly, supportive and made me feel very at ease. I was made to feel like part of the team straight away and really like the way students are very much hands on involved right from the start and throughout the course. Thank you all again for a fantastic few weeks”
Debbie Tomlinson (20 day course)

“I have had a very rewarding and enjoyable 16 days. I learned a great deal and my confidence in grooming dogs has increased. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world. A big thank you to everyone.”
Jean Walker (16 day course)

“Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course. I was surprised to find how much I could actually learn in such a short space of time. Everyone at the centre was warm, friendly and welcoming. All that Pippa taught in the first part of the course was invaluable and I will stick to those methods, she was a joy and I fully appreciated any criticism as well as praise given. Zoe is an excellent teacher and groomer, I just hope one day to be a fraction as good as she is. A big thank you to Joanne, Zoe, Pippa and Chris for making it a very enjoyable 16 days.”
Karen Smiley (16 day course)

“The variety of dogs I was able to groom was fantastic, along with the expert training. The staff were friendly and supportive and I didn’t feel intimidated at all, I felt I could ask any sort of question. The course was very beneficial and I enjoyed the fact that it was a ‘working environment’. Maybe could have done with more regarding setting up my own business. I would recommend anyone to do their training at Look North, it exceeded all my expectations.”
Jane Bellis (16 day course)

“Found the course very helpful, wish I had done all my training with Look North. Have recommended you to 2 other people who I hope get in touch soon.”
Agnes Steed (4 day course)

“I enjoyed the course very much and found it very rewarding. I had a Lhasa Apso to trim and it took me 3hrs but the owner was so pleased she was nearly in tears, she said she could hug me, so again I wanted to say thank you, all your help is paying off already. P.S. I can hear Zoe in my head giving me instructions whilst I’m trimming.”
Rebecca Rigg ( 4 day course)

“My time at Look North was extremely rewarding, not only teaching me the necessary skills to attempt my Level 3 Professional qualification, but also staff encouraged me to progress further, which I now intend to do.”
Jean Parsonage (4 day course)